CLS Spotlights

This semester, the Chicano/Latino Studies (CLS) program at Michigan State University will be spotlighting students and faculty for their tremendous work and role in academia. We hope that in highlighting the outstanding work of these students and faculty, others in our community will be reminded that their own stories, experiences, and accomplishments are worthy and legitimate and deserve to be celebrated along the way. These individuals are just a small sample of the many outstanding students and faculty that have navigated higher education, research, and service. Click on each student’s or faculty’s name for a more in depth look at their work and to learn about their experiences as researchers, community members, and activists. 


Esther Ayers

Esther Ayers

Hometown: Onsted, Michigan

CLS Affiliation: CLS PhD Student

Current Status: Doctoral Student

Graduation Year: May 2023

Majors: Chicano/Latino Studies


Lucia Cardenas Curiel

Dr. Lucía Cárdenas Curiel

CLS Affiliation: CLS Affiliated Faculty

Position Title: Assistant Professor 

College and Department: College of Education and Department of Teacher Education 

Areas of Expertise: curriculum and instruction; diverse learners and educational equity; elementary education; literacy education; teacher education, learning, and policy; teaching English as a second language 

Janet Ibarra

Janet Ibarra

Hometown: Bangor, Michigan 

CLS Affiliation: CLS Minor Student

Current Status: Undergraduate Student

Graduation Year: May 2021

Double Major: Social Relations & Policy and Political Science (pre-law) 

Minor: Chicano/Latino Studies

Eric Juenke

Dr. Eric Gonzalez Juenke

CLS Affiliation: CLS Core Faculty 

Position Title: Associate Professor of Political Science and Chicano/Latino Studies 

College and Department: College of Social Science and Department of Political Science 

Areas of Expertise: Latino politics; Black politics; state and local elections; U.S. elections; minority politics; legislative and bureaucratic minority representation; democracy theory

Rosaura Dominguez-Rebollar

Rosaura Dominguez-Rebollar

Hometown: New York, New York

CLS Affiliation: CLS Dual Major PhD Student 

Current Status: Doctoral Student 

Graduation Year: May 2023

Major(s): Ecological/Community Psychology and Chicano/Latino Studies

Sandra Crespo

Dr. Sandra Crespo

CLS Affiliation: CLS Core Faculty

Position Title: Professor and Associate Chair of Graduate Education

College and Department: College of Education and Department of Teacher Education

Areas of Expertise: Curriculum and instruction; literacy education; mathematics education; teacher education, learning, and policy.


Amanda Flores

Amanda Flores

Hometown: Sullivan City, Texas

CLS Affiliation: CLS Graduate Certificate Student Current Status: Doctoral Candidate 

Graduation Year: May 2022  

Major: Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education Program