Forms for Undergraduates

CLS Minor Advising Form (PDF)

CLS 490 Independent Study Agreement Form (PDF)

CLS 493 Internship Reflection Paper Rubric (PDF)

Emergency Funding Request (PDF)


Graduate School Forms

Extension Request (PDF)

Graduate Student Research Enhancement Funding Application (PDF)

Graduate Student Travel Funding Application (PDF)

Record of Comprehensive Exams (PDF)

Record of Dissertation Defense (PDF)


CLS Graduate Certificate Forms

Graduate Certificate Application (PDF)

CLS Graduate Certificate Final Certification (PDF)


CLS 493 Internship in Chicano/Latino Studies Forms

CLS 493 Intern Learning Agreement (PDF)

CLS 493 Intern Mid-Evaluation for Students (PDF)

CLS 493 Intern Mid-Evaluation for Supervisors (PDF)

CLS 493 Intern Final Evaluation for Students (PDF)

CLS 493 Intern Final Evaluation for Supervisors (PDF)


Chicano/Latino Studies PhD Program Forms

    Funding Forms

    CLS Graduate Student Travel Funding Application (PDF)

    COVID-19 Domestic Travel Waiver Application (PDF)

    Emergency Funding Request (PDF)

    Pre-Trip Authorization Form

    CLS Research Enhancement Funding Application (PDF)


    Course-Related Forms

    CLS 893E Agreement Form (PDF)

    CLS 894 Project Agreement Form (PDF)

    CLS Graduate Course Waiver Form (PDF)

    999 Credit Override Application (PDF)

    Specialization Methods Class Approval Form (PDF)



    Other Important Forms

    Annual Progress Report Form (PDF)

    Application for Dual Major PhD in Chicano/Latino Studies (PDF)

    Language Requirement Completion Form (PDF)

    Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Portal



    2022-23 Graduate Student Goal Setting Form (PDF)

    Graduate Program At-A-Glance Guide for Graduate Students (PDF)

    Progression to PhD Timeline Chart (PDF)


RCR Resources for Doctoral Students

How to Register for RCR CITI Courses 

ORA Training (ABILITY)

RCR Tracking Form (PDF)

RCR Workshops



Campus Solutions (New GradPlan) Resources

Campus Solutions Log-in

Student Guide for Campus Solutions and GradPlan (PDF)

CoursePlan Coding System for CLS


Graduate Student Wellness Resources

Graduate Student Life and Wellness

Directory of Partners in Wellness