CLS Apapachos

February 16, 2023 - Dr. Isabel Ayala

Dear CLS Familia, 

On behalf of CLS, we send you apapachos, hugs to your soul. 

Whereas we all have very individual ways to cope with the horrible loss of this week, please know that you have a community that cares for you, that values your presence, that is ready to sit with you and provide you with love and support. If you need to sit in silence, do so. If you need others, if you need us, we are ready for you.  

To give our program time to mourn and heal, we will be open remotely today, Thursday, February 16 and tomorrow Friday, February 17. We will resume our regular office hours on Monday, February 20th. Please reach out to Dr. Delia Fernandez-Jones, Olivia Cyman, Karessa Weir or me if you have any questions. We all share and yet have different networks that can connect you to people and units to address your specific need. 


Also, as you know, five people remain in critical condition. One of them is Lupe. Lupe is a caring student and community advocate who will have a long recovery. Her family has created a GoFundMe page Fundraiser by Selena Huapilla-Perez : Funds for the Family of Guadalupe Huapilla-Perez ( Please share with your networks

Funds for the Family of Guadalupe Huapilla-Perez, organized by Selena Huapilla-Perez

Hello all, my name is Selena Huapilla-Perez, I hold the great … Selena Huapilla-Perez needs your support for Funds for the Family of Guadalupe Huapilla-Perez



Finally, I know there has been much information shared about resources available (Confidential counseling information is attached). I want nevertheless to call attention to some specific information that may be of help. 



MSU Animal Farms




Ingham County Parks


For those needing a break from everything, we encourage you to come out and relax, take a walk, run, and recreate at YOUR Ingham County Parks. We will not be collecting parking fees for the remainder of the week and through Sunday (February 19th) in the hopes that if needed, you take the opportunity to visit your parks, even if to just take a deep breath of fresh air.



Potter Park Zoom


We understand that recent events have been incredibly difficult for our community, and we want to remind you that Potter Park Zoo is here for you during this time. To provide an opportunity to find peace and solace, we are offering free admission to the zoo for all Michigan State University students and staff starting today through the weekend.


We invite you to take a stroll through our park, visit the animals, and take advantage of the quiet areas that we offer. We hope that our zoo can provide a small moment of happiness and a chance to take a break from the stress of recent events.


To gain free admission, simply show your MSU ID at admissions. We truly believe that in times like these, we must come together as a community, and we hope that we can be a small part of helping you heal and find comfort.





LiveWell in Lansing is offering acupuncture or reiki, for free on Monday. Flyer is attached


Golden Harvest


To all of our friends and beautiful community..

Like all of you, we are devastated and grieving.

For the next couple days, we will not be operating our regular business hours.

We are going to be open during the evening and late night as a safe space for MSU students.

If you don't want to be on campus, or are feeling like you want to be around others at night, please come by. We will not be operating with our usual Menu, but we will hook you up with some good free comfort food.  

We are small but will do what we can as far as space and free food.

Opening up at 6pm and going late.

Check our FB to keep updated.




CLS Familia, we got each other. If you need a space to read, study, or just be, join us in 200 South Kedzie. 


With love, 





 Isabel Ayala (she/her)

Director of Chicano/Latino Studies 

Associate Professor of Sociology 

2022-2023 OFASD Leadership Fellow

2020-21 Big Ten Academic Alliance Academic Leadership Program Fellow​ 

Michigan State University 


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