Every year Michigan State University awards millions of dollars to graduate students through an array of fellowships, scholarships, and graduate teaching and research assistantships. The awards range from small tuition scholarships to multi-year packages that can provide annual benefits in excess of $23,000 plus tuition and medical benefits. Both entering and continuing students are eligible for these awards, although specific awards are targeted to different groups of students.


Once on campus, a student’s academic advisor can offer additional suggestions regarding assistantships. If a student is interested in a research assistantship, this interest should be shared with faculty members. In addition, Summer Research, and Dissertation Completion Fellowship programs provide exceptional financial support to conduct research. Fellowships provide exceptional financial support to conduct research.

Most fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis. The considerable number of multi-year and recruiting fellowships targeted to entering doctoral students are typically awarded during the winter of the year preceding entry into the graduate program. Therefore, students interested in such support should complete their application process by December 1 of the year preceding enrollment. Fellowship recipients are not required to give service to the college or its programs in return for the support.

University Fellowships Program

University Graduate Recruiting Fellowships
These one-year fellowships, awarded to promising new doctoral students, provide $3,000-$5,000. Recipients must study full time during the period of their award. Newly admitted doctoral students are automatically considered.

Funding sources from the Graduate School

Graduate Assistantships and Internships
Graduate teaching and research assistantships are available in various departments within the University for both entering and continuing graduate students. Some assistants are assigned to teach courses, others assist in research projects, and a few provide other services to a college and university. A half-time graduate assistant earns between $11,600 and $15,000 during the academic year, plus a waiver of the out-of-state portion of tuition, a waiver of nine credits of in-state tuition each semester, medical benefits, and a waiver of registration fees.

Students should discuss employment opportunities with advisors and other faculty members, and examine bulletin boards for announcements of other opportunities. Only students enrolled in graduate degree programs may apply for assistantships.