Do I need a master’s degree?
A master’s degree in any field is required. However, potential students without a master’s degree may be admitted provisionally. Additional coursework, not to count towards the PhD, may be required.

Do I need to take the GRE?
Yes. All applicants are required to take the GRE.

What is the minimum required GRE score?
While there is no minimum required GRE score, the application materials are reviewed as a whole.

How long will it take for me to earn my PhD?
This depends largely on the student. Classes are usually completed in two to three years. Dissertation research generally takes one to four years. All students are required to complete all requirements of the curriculum within eight years.

My undergraduate and master’s degrees are not in Chicano/Latino Studies. Will this make it difficult to complete my PhD?
Our graduate students come from a diverse academic background. While previous experience in Chicano/Latino studies is helpful, it should not impose a barrier to successful completion of your PhD.

Can I work on my PhD part-time?
Yes. But you must complete all requirements within the eight-year time limit.

What resources are available in the library?
Michigan State University has a very comprehensive library. Of interest to doctoral students in the Chicano/Latino Studies Program is the Cesar E. Chavez Collection. It is an interdisciplinary browsing collection consisting of titles in a variety of formats, research levels and locations on Chicano and Boricua Studies. Chavez Collection materials in other locations require the storage, access/viewing facilities and services not available in an open shelves collection. The main part of this collection is located on the first floor, west wing lobby of the Main Libraries. This browsing collection is reinforced throughout the Libraries system by other titles in the main stacks collection and various branch collections.